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Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a web-based way to tell a story using multimedia such as images, video and sound.  Digital stories are brief, lasting only 3 to 5 minutes.  Digital stories are typically designed by someone who is a novice and certainly not an expert in media design. As such, you should try to find a balance between the content of your story and the technical aspects. 

Digital Storytelling Examples

Tools for Digital Storytelling

Finding Media




Copyright and Citing

All of the images, audio or video you use in the project need to be cited using the Chicago Manual or Style.

You may use copyrighted material in a multimedia assignment. If you use copyrighted works such as audio and video in your presentation, you can now post your presentation to sites such as Facebook and YouTube under the Non-commercial user generated content provision of the Copyright Act without infringing copyright. See copyright for students.

This work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International license. For exceptions, see the Library Copyright Statement.