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HIST 442 Empire and Violence

This course guide will help you locate primary and secondary sources for your research paper on a topic related to the history of imperial violence.

If you are uncertain where to begin, start by combining the following keywords with boolean operators (and, or) in the library catalogue. This type of search may help you narrow down your topic:

  • Great Britain or British empire or United States
  • Colonies or colonial
  • Ethnic conflict or ethnic relations
  • Imperial or imperialism
  • Violence
  • 19th century

Journal Articles

Using the library catalogue you can locate both primary and secondary sources (books and journal articles). However, there is value in searching more specific databases.

eBook Collections

Primary Sources

To locate primary sources in the library catalogue, add the keywords sources, documents, diaries, personal narratives or correspondence to other relevant search terms.

Many libraries and archives have digitized their primary document collections. You can find primary documents on the Web using a search engine like Google to find primary document collections. 

Digital Libraries

Interlibrary Loan

If the print book you need is not available at the John L. Haar library place a hold on it to bring the book to our campus. If you can’t find the book or journal article you are looking in the library catalogue use Interlibrary Loan.

Citing and Reference Managers

Reference managers are applications that help you manage references and generate citations and bibliographies. Many free reference managers exist, each with different features and strengths.

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