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HIST 410 Napoleon and His Empire

This course guide will help you locate primary and secondary sources for your research paper on topics related to Napoleon and the Napoleonic era.


The following subject headings will allow you to narrow your search.  Choose Subject from the drop-down menu in the library search box or use Advanced Search.

  • France History Revolution 1789-1799 (subtopics include: economic aspects, causes, influence, refugees, sources, historiography, religious aspects, personal narratives)
  • Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821 (subtopics include: military leadership, portraits, biography, relations with Europeans)
  • Napoleonic Conquest, 1808-1813
  • Napoleonic Wars 1800-1815 (subtopics include: treaties, diplomatic history, campaigns Belgium Waterloo, France, Germany)

Journal Articles

Primary Sources

Interlibrary Loan

If the print book you need is not available at the John L. Haar library place a hold on it to bring the book to our campus. If you can’t find the book or journal article you are looking in the library catalogue use Interlibrary loan.

Citing & Reference Managers

Reference managers are applications that help you manage references and generate citations and bibliographies. Many free reference managers exist, each with different features and strengths.

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