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Book Reviews

What is a book review?

A book review is a critical analysis or evaluation of a book.  A good book review "provides a brief summary of the work, a discussion of its strengths and weaknesses, and an evaluation of its contribution to the field."[1]

How do I find a book review?

There can often be a substantial gap between the publication of a book and the appearance of a book review. Not all books are reviewed. Knowing the author, title and publication date of the book is important in locating a source which may contain a book review.

When you use a book review periodical index in print such as Book Review Digest, look for the author's last name in the volume of the year the book was published and several subsequent years. Identify a periodical citation for the book review, i.e. Canadian Historical Review 2000 81(2):305-307. Use the library catalogue to find out if the library not only subscribes to the periodical but also has the year and volume or issue which contains the book review.

Online Book Review Sources

Academic Search Complete
Search tip: use the term review with the term AND your book title in quotations.

America: History & Life
Search tip: In the advanced search, use the term review with the term AND your book title in quotations OR select "book review" as the document type.

Search tip:  enter the title of your book in the item-title field and limit your search by review

Print Book Review Sources

New York review of books (2014 - ) City Centre

TLS: the Times literary supplement (2011 - ) City Centre

[1] Jeffrey W. Alexander and Joy Dixon, Thomson Nelson Guide to Writing in History (Toronto: Thomson Nelson, 2006), 22.

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