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Book Reviews

What is a book review?

A book review is a critical analysis or evaluation of a book.  A good book review "provides a brief summary of the work, a discussion of its strengths and weaknesses, and an evaluation of its contribution to the field." Source: Jeffrey W. Alexander and Joy Dixon, Thomson Nelson Guide to Writing in History (Toronto: Thomson Nelson, 2006), 22.

Types of Reviews

Avoid using book review sources that are not suitable for scholarly work. For example, Goodreads, Publisher's Weekly, and Booklist are written for a different audience.

Find Book Reviews

Your search results in the library catalogue will include book reviews, but for a faster and more comprehensive search, consider exploring history journal databases, specialized book review journals, and other academic sources. It's important to note that there may be a significant time lag between a book's publication and the availability of a review, and not all books undergo review.

History Journal Databases

To locate a book review for a particular book, input the book's title and the author's last name in the search fields. Limit the Document Type to Book Review (for AHL & HA) and the Item Type to Reviews in JSTOR. 

To check for book reviews on a particular subject, input relevant keywords and narrow down the Document Type to Book Review (for AHL & HA) and the Item Type to Reviews in JSTOR. 

Book Review Journals

Some journals primarily publish book reviews. Here are several examples: 

After finding the journal in the library catalogue, look for an advanced search function, and check for an option that allows you to refine the results specifically to reviews.

Other Book Review Sources

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