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Podcasts and Prezi

The content on this course guide is intended to help you complete your digital assignment.


A podcast is a digital audio file of speech, music, broadcast material, etc., made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player; a series of such files, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.
                                                      From Oxford English Dictionary

How to Create a Podcast

You will need:

  • Microphone or a digital voice recorder
  • Audio recording software (Garageband is available on Mac. Audacity works on both Mac and PC) Audacity is free, open source software.
  • Computer

How to Guides

Check out Historica Canada’s Heritage Minutes (Radio or Video) for examples of how history can come to life in a minute!


Prezi is cloud based presentation and storytelling software. A free version, with some limitations, is available. Sign up for a free account

How to Guide

8 Tips for an Awesome Prezii

Prezi Best Practices - by LW, Grant MacEwan University

Prezi Learn & Support 

Note: Prezi uses the freemium model. Customers who use the product's Public license must publish their work on the website, which is publicly viewable.

Finding Media





Copyright and Credits

All of the images, audio or video you use in the project need to be cited using the Chicago Manual or Style.

You may use copyrighted material in a multimedia assignment. If you use copyrighted works such as audio and video in your presentation, you can now post your presentation to sites such as Facebook and YouTube under the Non-commercial user generated content provision of the Copyright Act without infringing copyright. See copyright for students.

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