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HIST 410 The French and Haitian Revolutions

This course guide will help you locate primary and secondary sources for your research paper on a topic related to the French and Haitian Revolutions.

Search Strategy

Combine geographic names, dates, and the term revolution with additional search terms such as: economic aspects, causes, influences, refugees, historiography, religious aspects, personal narratives, sources or correspondence.

Place names change over time; remember to search for various geographic names. For example,

Haiti or Hayti

"Saint Domingue" or "St. Domingue"

Journal Articles

Some of these journal article databases, such as JSTOR, also provide access to primary sources.

eBook Collections

Specific volumes within the Cambridge Histories Online that may interest you:

Cambridge History of Eighteenth Century Political Thought

New Cambridge Modern History

  • Volume 8 The American and French Revolutions 1763-93
  • Volume 9 War and Peach in an Age of Upheaval 1793-1830

Cambridge History of French Thought

Cambridge World History of Slavery (volume 3, 1420-1804)

Primary Sources

Searching by keyword may not be effective in databases that provide access to primary sources. Familiarize yourself with the theme of the database and browse the collection or use the advanced search.

Digital Libraries, Exhibitions & Archives

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