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BUSN 201 Mission Possible: Research Tips

This page includes information to help you get started finding sources for your Mission Possible Business Proposal assignment.

Your Business Librarian, Martina King, is available to help you navigate the library's databases, develop search strategies, and troubleshoot access issues to the library's online resources.

Recommended Databases

To get you started, we recommend using one of the library's industry and company focused databases:

Proposal Areas & Information Sources


Section Information Sources
Industry Analysis

Industry description & industry trends - use IBIS World Industry Reports - Industry Performance and Outlook

How many of the firms in the industry are profitable? use Industry Canada SME Benchmarking Tool [View our How To Video to get started]

Summary of Salaries, Wages, and Benefits

General Salary Estimator and Comparison

Alberta Specific Salaries

Address all key operational issues

To identify relevant operational issues and estimate their annual costs use:

Company Annual Balance Sheets and Reports: Mergent

Financial and SWOT Reports: Business Insights: Essentials

General Industry Financial figures - IBIS World Industry Reports - Operating Conditions 


Additional Information Sources


Section Information Sources
Market Analysis

 To identify and describe market areas, use:

Market Overview, use IBIS World Industry Reports - Products and Markets


Target Market

To describe specific target markets, use:

General Canadian demographic information from Statistics Canada use, Statista . Demographic by location, use GeoSearch.

Canadian Psychographic Information use PRIZM [View our How To Video to get started]



Strategic Position and Competitive Advantage 

Key Industry Success factors use IBIS World Industry Reports - Competitive Advantage


Tips for Using IBISWorld

If you know the name of the industry your business would be a part of, you can search by keyword using their main search bar.

You can also browse for your industry report by hovering over the Industry Research tab and clicking on Canada Industry Reports (NAICS).

Canada Industry Reports

Start by identifying the broader category your business would fit under, then select the industry report that best fits with your business.


Sample IBISWorld Industry Report

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