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Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Centre for Professional Nursing Education


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Lippincott Apps

For easy access to Lippincott Advisor & Lippincott Procedures, download and activate the App(s) next time you are on campus!

You need to be on the MacEwan Secure network (on campus) to download & activate (or reactivate) the Apps. It can then be accessed from anywhere.

Instructions for Downloading Lippincott Advisor & Lippincott Procedures Apps: 

1. From on campus (MacEwan Secure network) go to the Google Play store or Apple’s App store:
Search for: “Lippincott Advisor”
Search for: “Lippincott Procedures”
Advisor & Procedure apps need to be downloaded separately. 
2. Once the app has downloaded and is opened, you will see a login screen.
Our institutional license does not require login. 
3. From this screen, choose IP Authenticate. See Image below. 
Note: If this is not working, please check to see that you are on the MacEwan Secure network. 

Choose IP Authenticate

Application Download: Choose IP Authenticate

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