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COVID-19 Library Services Update


Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Centre for Professional Nursing Education


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Welcome to the Nursing Subject Guide!

Here you will find a selection of the nursing research resources available at the library. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your subject librarian, Jody Nelson.

COVID-19 Resources

For up-to-date Alberta Health Services information, point-of-care resources, and latest COVID-19 research, visit the AHS Knowledge Resources Services GuideIncludes links to key resources:

The University of Manitoba COVID-19 Report compiles resources for healthcare workers into 6 categories, including: Diagnostics and Surveillance, Infection Prevention and Control, and Pediatric Corner

The WHO Global Research on Coronovirus (COVID-19) includes:   

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) Best Practice COVID-19 page includes links to the full research studies pertaining to epidemiology, case studies, diagnosis, management, and other aspects of patient care. 

The Canadian Health Libraries Association (CHLA) has shared this COVID-19 resource guide, created by Dean Giustini at the UBC Biomedical Branch Library, updated twice daily. 

The COVID-19 resource guide includes: 

  • Incidence tracking by province, nation-wide, US, and global
  • Reliable consumer health sites
  • Evidence-based, point-of-care information
  • Streaming documentaries on COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Search strings for MEDLINE / PubMed and Google Scholar
  • Ovid MEDLINE search filters for COVID-19

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