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Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing, Centre for Professional Nursing Education

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CINAHL Basics (Videos)

Getting Started Searching in CINAHL: These short (2-3) minute videos will get you started with the CINAHL Database: 

  1. Introduction to CINAHL (the Nursing Database) (1:14)

  2. Accessing CINAHL (1:05)

  3. Get started searching in CINAHL (2:03)

  4. Saving & citing articles with CINAHL tools (2:28)

Access CINAHL from the Nursing Guide:

APA Resources

Visit the Library's online APA Guide

Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles

Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles contribute to the disciplinary conversation in nursing.

What is a peer-reviewed article? VIDEO (YouTube; 3:25 mins)

How do I read a scholarly, peer-reviewed article: VIDEO (YouTube; 3:56 mins)

How do I identify a scholarly, peer-reviewed article? Look for the following: 

Published in an academic, peer-reviewed journal Check the journal website. Examples: Advances in Nursing Science, Journal of Hospital Librarianship
Check-in: Is the journal peer-reviewed? Check the journal info in the Ulrich's Database.  Watch how
Author credentials & affiliations indicate expertise  Researcher, scholar, educator, practitioner affiliated with university, college or research hospital or institute (e.g.)
Original research, or in-depth analysis Rigorous review of the literature on the topic, or research article (4-5 pages minimum)
Part of the scholarly conversation in the discipline Includes review of prior literature, citations throughout, and an extensive list of references. 
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