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Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing, Centre for Professional Nursing Education

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This guide has been created to supplement Information Literacy instruction for students writing their papers in NURS 170. Be sure to check out the rest of the Nursing Subject Guide for help finding journal articles, statistics, websites and more!

CINAHL Basics (Videos)

Getting Started Searching in CINAHL: These short (2-3) minute videos will get you started with the CINAHL Database: 

  1. Introduction to CINAHL (the Nursing Database) (1:14)

  2. Accessing CINAHL (1:05)

  3. Get started searching in CINAHL (2:03)

  4. Saving & citing articles with CINAHL tools (2:28)

Access CINAHL from the Nursing Guide:

Find articles

APA Resources

Visit the Library's online APA Guide

Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles

Scholarly, peer-reviewed articles contribute to the disciplinary conversation in nursing.

What is a peer-reviewed article? VIDEO (YouTube; 3:25 mins)

How do I read a scholarly, peer-reviewed article: VIDEO (YouTube; 3:56 mins)

How do I identify a scholarly, peer-reviewed article? Look for the following: 

Published in an academic, peer-reviewed journal Check the journal website. Examples: Advances in Nursing Science, Journal of Hospital Librarianship
Check-in: Is the journal peer-reviewed? Check the journal info in the Ulrich's Database.  Watch how
Author credentials & affiliations indicate expertise  Researcher, scholar, educator, practitioner affiliated with university, college or research hospital or institute (e.g.)
Original research, or in-depth analysis Rigorous review of the literature on the topic, or research article (4-5 pages minimum)
Part of the scholarly conversation in the discipline Includes review of prior literature, citations throughout, and an extensive list of references. 

Reading Research Articles: Activity Resources

YouTube video from Reading Scholarly Articles activity:

Article from Reading Scholarly Articles activity:

What do professional nursing associations say?

In exploring nursing topics, it is good practice to find out what nursing associations say about the issues. Learn about: 

  • Aspects relevant to nursing practice
  • Important concepts and key terminology
  • Standards, positions, and best practice recommendations

Lists of nursing associations & professional organizations available here:

Search strategy: Use Google site: search to focus your topic search to the associations or organizations most relevant to you. Watch how: 

Information Literacy & EBP

Information literacy involves a reflective, critical-thinking, approach to finding, assessing and applying relevant information.

The steps of EBP and Information Literacy are closely aligned, with EBP being directly applied to a clinical practice question or scenario.

Sin, M. K., & Bliquez, R. (2017). Teaching evidence based practice to undergraduate nursing students. Journal of Professional Nursing, 33(6), 447-451.

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