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INTB 412 - Group Industry Analysis Project

**All library databases are listed on the Find a Database page. Limit by Subject to see all Business databases.


MarketLine Advantage (a database recommended for this assignment) was cancelled due to budget cuts and access ended on March 29th. The Library has access to many other databases that can provide the same or comparable information that is needed for your assignment.


For additional research help, you can book an online appointment with your Subject Librarian, Martina King or email her your questions at

Recommended Databases

  • Provides national and global industry reports and information. 
  • Search by industry name or NAICS code (Use the NAICS Code Lookup to find your industry’s code).
  • Information included in industry reports:
    • Competitive landscape and competitors
    • Market share and segmentation
    • Performance and outlook
    • Globalization trends
    • Revenue volatility
    • Cost structure benchmarks
  • This database is recommended for gathering national and global industry information, identifying competitors, and for value chain analysis.
  • Provides detailed company information and analysis.
  • Search by company name or stock ticker code.
  • Company information available:
    • General Financials - revenue, income, assets, expenditures, etc.
    • News articles about the company
    • Annual reports
    • Competitors and comparison charts
    • Supply chain - suppliers, products, partners, etc.
    • Company analysis
    • Industry analysis
  • This database is recommended for gathering additional details about your company and about competitors. Annual reports are particularly useful in determining goals and risks to the company.
  • Provides company and industry information and analysis. Scholarly articles and business news.
  • Search company name to get company profiles. You can also search by industry or keyword to access articles.
  • Information available in this database includes:
    • Company profiles - competitors, revenue, employees, strategy & planning, participating industries with NAICS codes. 
    • Investment reports and financial information
    • SWOT reports
    • Market share reports
    • Comparison charts (company and industry)
  • This database is recommended for accessing specific reports such as SWOT reports and market share reports about a company or industry. 
  • Browse through the tabs at the top of the homepage to search for specific types of reports like SWOT reports (found under the Companies tab)
  • Provides access to scholarly articles, reports, and company and industry analysis.
  • Search by keyword, company name, or industry. Use the Advanced Search to search for specific companies, industries, or document types with more accuracy. You can further narrow down results using the limiters on the left side of the search results page.
  • Information available in this database includes:
    • Newspaper and magazine articles
    • Industry reports - by country and global
    • Company profiles
    • Market research reports - market snapshots by country
    • SWOT analysis
    • Country reports - economic and political outlooks and forecasts
  • This database is recommended for accessing country reports and analyses to identify a target country. Company and industry information in this database can also be used along with data from other databases.
  • Provides access to scholarly articles, reports, and company and industry analysis.
  • Search by keyword or company name.
  • Information available in this database includes:
    • Scholarly articles, magazines, and trade publications
    • SWOT reports
    • Industry profiles
    • Market research reports
    • Country reports
    • Product reviews
  • This database is recommended for when you need scholarly and professional literature to assist in your analysis of a company. Industry profiles and SWOT reports can also be used in combination with other databases.
  • Provides company information related to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) research and ratings. 
  • Search by company.
  • Company information available:
    • ESG risk rating
    • Company controversies and related news coverage - including analysis of labour and human rights controversies in different countries
    • Product involvement
  • Also includes industry ESG ratings. Locate the Research tab at the top of the screen and select “ESG Risk Rating - Industry Report.” Search by industry.
  • This database is recommended when searching for controversies surrounding a company. Keep an eye out for information about how controversies were handled and whether those strategies were successful.
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