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ASA Citation Guide (6th Ed.)



Journal Articles

Online article with a digital object identifier (DOI):

In-text: (Sunga 2017:138)
Reference entry:

Sunga, Seetal. 2017. "Dealing with Oppression: Indigenous Relations with the State in Canada." Ethics & Social Welfare 11(2):135–48.


Online article without a DOI:

In-text: (Henitiuk 2003:412).
Reference entry:

Henitiuk, Valerie. 2003. "Step into my Parlour: Magical Realism and the Creation of a Feminist Space." Canadian Review of Comparative Literature 30(2):410–27.


Physical copy of an article/no online version available:

In-text: (Frenzel et al. 2014:16)
Reference entry: 

Frenzel, Erica Davis, Kendra N. Bowen, Jason D. Spraitz, James H. Bowers, and Shannon Phaneuf. 2014. "Understanding Collateral Consequences of Registry Laws: An Examination of the Perceptions of Sex Offender Registrants." Justice Policy Journal 11(2):1–22.


Conference Papers

Online conference paper with a DOI:

In-text: (Sambamurthy et al. 2016:5).
Reference entry:

Sambamurthy, Nikitha, Matilde Sanchez-Pena, Joyce B. Main, Monica F. Cox, and Ebony McGee. 2016. "Asian-American Women Engineering Faculty: A Literature Review Using an Intersectional Framework of Race, Class, and Gender."  Paper presented at Frontiers in Education Conference, Erie, PA, October 14.


Online conference paper without a DOI:

In-text: (Pollock 2011:7).
​Reference entry:

Pollock, Carolee. 2011. "A Pragmatic and Conservative Measure: Catholic Toleration in Quebec after the Treaty of Paris."​ P. 7. Paper presented at the Joint Meeting of the Canadian and American Catholic Historical Associations, Toronto, ON, April 16.


News Articles

Online Newspaper Article:
Includes sources like The Edmonton Journal, The Globe and Mail, and The New York Times. 

In-text: (Giesbrecht 2018). 
Reference entry:

Giesbrecht, Lynn. 2018. "Regina Woman Uses Painting to Tell Immigrant Women’s Stories." Regina Leader Post, September 4


Web Page from a News Website :
Includes sources like BBC News, CBC, CNN, HuffPost. 

In-text: (Newton and Holcombe 2020).
Reference entry:

Newton, Paula, and Madeline Holcombe. 2020. "Canada Wants National Sick Leave Plan in Place for Second Wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic." CNN, May 26.


Article from a Physical Copy of a Newspaper:

In-text: (French 2017:A3).
Reference entry:

French, Janet. 2017. "27% of Elementary Students Reading Below Grade Level." Edmonton Journal, December 20, A3.



Magazine Articles

Online Magazine Article:

In-text: (Audette-Longo 2018:32).
Reference entry:

Audette-Longo, Trish. 2018. "Salestaxphobia Can We Get Over Our Unique Aversion?" Alberta Views,  March 1, 30-34.


Physical copy of a magazine article:

In-text: (Heller 2019:354).
Reference entry:

Heller, Nathan. 2019. "Dark Victory." Vogue, March 1, 354-406.


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