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Indigenous Studies

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INDG 200 Assignment Practice

GROUP TASK: Choose one of these three assignment options...

(a) Select an existing template or create a conceptual framework of significance and relevance to the writer’s autoethnographic lived experience in relationship to one or more course themes. TOPIC: Medicine Wheel Teachings

(b) Critically reflect upon and/or conduct research to strengthen awareness and gain deeper level understanding of your lived experience in relationship to one or more course themes. TOPIC: Indigenous Feminism

(c) Critically reflect upon the relevance and interconnectedness of your lived experience in relationship to one or more course themes as situated in social, cultural, economic, political and ecological contexts. Include reference to Indigenous principles. TOPIC: Land

GROUP TASK: Brainstorm on your topic using the following prompts...

  1. What are some big ideas connected to your topic?
  2. How does your lived experience connect with your topic? What's your location and positionality? 
  3. What are some keywords that might pull up information on your broad topic and these angles?

TIP: For keywords, the fewer words per idea, the better! (keywords are like tags)

GROUP TASK: Thinking about your topic (Medicine Wheel, Indigenous Feminism, or Land), try out the Main Library Search HERE and find...

  • ONE related article
  • ONE related book


  • Try out different searches
  • Use your strategies ("phrase search", canad*)
  • Use the different limiters
    • Subject (to find subtopics)
    • Peer Review (to only retrieve academic articles)
    • Publication (to look for Indigenous-centred publications)




Indigenous voices can be silenced by the sweeping searches of Main Library Search. For this reason, it is important to explore more focused collections.

TIP: Browsing or searching with broader terms tends to work better in smaller collections.

GROUP TASK: Thinking about your topic (Medicine Wheel, Indigenous Feminism, or Land), look for another TWO related resources using the various collections below...

Wisdom of the Universe | Christi Belcourt | Access


Google Scholar has some important uses in the research process. These include (A) tracing conversations backward and forward & (B) Searching for really specific topics.

GROUP TASK: Thinking about your topic (Medicine Wheel, Indigenous Feminism, Land), explore Google Scholar by...

  1. Cutting & pasting the article that you found in your earlier Library Search. Does it lead you to anything useful?
  2. Trying out a new search. What comes up?


  • Connect Google Scholar to MacEwan Library (3 Bars > Settings > Library Links > Search MacEwan)
  • AND between keywords will return results with both searches
  • phrase search only returns results that include this exact phrase, as in ["medicine wheel"]
  • the "intitle:" operator as in [intitle:indigenous] only returns results that include your search term in the document's title
  • the "author" operator [author:little bear] returns papers written by people with the name Little Bear 
  • Specific year of publication by adding in a year [2022] to a search


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