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Course Resource Lists

This guide provides information about MacEwan University Library's new Course Resource Lists system.

Integrating into your paskwâwi-mostos mêskanâs course

Step-by-step instructions:

Integrating into your paskwâwi-mostos mêskanâs course 

  1. Add Course Resource Lists Activity 
  2. Log in to your mêskanâs course: 
  3. From relevant course content area choose: Add Activity or Resource
  4. Select: Course Resources Lists
  5. Name activity, e.g. Week 3 Readings. Select Save and display
  6. Integrate relevant Course Resource List content
  7. Save and display (above) will open a Course Resource Lists view
  8. Authenticate (Log in) to Course Resource Lists if prompted by choosing Start
  9. Begin by typing the list name/course name, into Add list section > Search for list
  10. Select List Section from drop down options for optimal integration for students
  11. Select Save
  12. Navigate back to content area for student preview. 

Note: Students have options to engage with the content, by adding a note or star for example. This is private to the student and cannot be accessed by you. 


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