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Search Tips - Books

  • MacEwan University Library's search will automatically limit to items only available at MacEwan, if you uncheck the "Available in MacEwan Collection" (under Limiters on the left hand side of your search results) you'll see what our partner libraries (like the University of Alberta libraries) have and be able to request those items be sent to MacEwan BUT be aware:
    • Ebooks from partner libraries aren't accessible unless MacEwan also has a copy (although if you go to the University of Alberta in-person, you can get on-site access), so if you're looking for ebooks specifically, leave the "Available in MacEwan Collection" checked on, for the easiest browsing
    • there may be more than one catalogue record/entry for a book and sometimes the first entry isn't for the MacEwan copy - scroll down and check the entries below the first to confirm that we don't already have the title

  • Occasionally we will have both the print version and the electronic version of a book, in these cases, there will be two separate records/entries for the book.


  • Some people find it easier to search for books in our alternative NEOS catalogue. To get there, go to the library menu, click on "Find Resources" then click "Other Library Catalogues" under "Search Tools." On the next page, type your search into the "NEOS Catalogue" search box

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