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Tips on Evaluating News Sources

The are a few things you can ask when evaluating a news site:

  1. Is there obvious bias?
  2. Headlines are meant to grab your attention, but are all of the headlines designed to evoke an emotional response?
  3. Is the news site meant to be satire?
  4. Is there a concern for fake news, pseudoscience, or conspiracy theories?

Sometimes it can be hard to determine from the site itself if you should trust the news outlet or not. A few things to try:

  1. Do a Google search for the news site name - what comes up when you do this? What happens if you do a Google search for the news site name and words like "bias" or "fake"?
  2. Try looking up the news site on various media bias checkers such as:
    1. The media bias chart: (use the free version)
    2. Media bias / fact check: (warning: has ads in free version)
    3. Media bias ratings:
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