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Child and Youth Care


Library Search

Boolean operators: AND, OR and NOT

When searching in the MacEwan Library catalogue use the boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT to connect your search terms.  For example, search child AND youth to narrow your search, or child OR youth to broaden your search. 

Books for Children

The following PDF document is a selected list of MacEwan Library children's books (including image of front covers) which are organized in themes. Search tips and subject terms are included.

Finding Children's Books

Tried and true method:

  • Go to Find Resources, click on Other Catalogues
  • In NEOS Catalog search for your topic/term
    • Examples: 
      • divorce
      • Indigenous
      • dogs
  • Go to advanced search. Type your topic in again.
  • Under Location, choose Juvenile Collection
  • Under Library, choose MacEwan University

Quick method:

  • Use the Library Search box.
  • Search for: topic juvenile
    • Example:
      • divorce juvenile
      • dogs juvenile
      • jumping juvenile
  • Limit Locations to MacEwan University.
  • If it says Juvenile Collection after the call number, then it's a picture book.

Advanced method:

  • Use the Library Search box.
  • Search for: topic AND ("juvenile literature" OR "juvenile fiction")
    • Examples:
      • divorce AND ("juvenile literature" OR "juvenile fiction")
      • dogs AND ("juvenile literature" OR "juvenile fiction")
      • jumping AND ("juvenile literature" OR "juvenile fiction")
  • Limit Locations to MacEwan University

The Juvenile Collection is located on the second floor of building 7. 

If you know the title of the book you are looking for, search for it by title using the Library Search box. You can also search Google or Amazon for topic lists. 

You can also register for an L-Pass and use the Edmonton Public Library! Search for titles at

Don't forget that a lot of people have YouTube videos where they read picture books as well

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