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Finding Materials on Women in the Ancient World

Try the following KEYWORDS in the library catalogue

  • women and antiquity
  • women and greece and history
  • women and rome and history
  • greece and civilization
  • greece and history
  • rome and civilization
  • rome and  history

Books in the library are arranged by subject. Browse the following call number ranges in the library

  • GT530-GT580 Ancient dress and costume
  • HN9-HN10 Ancient social history
  • HQ13 Ancient sexuality
  • HQ505-HQ1012 The family in the ancient world
  • HQ1127-HQ1139 Women in the ancient world
  • HT863 Ancient slavery
  • KJA Roman law
  • R126-R127 Ancient medical works
  • R135 History of ancient medicine


Try the following databases to find journal articles, or book chapters and bibliographies



Women's Life in Greece and Rome, by Mary R. Lefkowitz and Maureen R. Fant

Women and Society in Greek and Roman Egypt: a sourcebook, edited by Jane Rowlandson

Women in the Classical World, by Elaine Fantham

Pandora: Women in Classical Greece, by Ellen Reeder

The Family in Ancient Rome: new perspectives, by Beryl Rawson

Women and Law in the Roman Empire: a sourcebook on marriage, divorce and widowhood, by Judith Ann Evans-Grubbs

Women in Ancient Greece: a sourcebook, by Bonnie MacLachlan

Goddesses, Whores, Wives and Slaves: women in classical antiquity by Sarah Pomeroy

Online Resources

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