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Primary vs. Review Articles

Primary articles and review articles are both types of scholarly articles and both can be found by searching the library's databases.

Primary Articles Review Articles
Articles that report on original research. Articles that compile and summarize research conducted by others.
Will have a methods section that discusses the experiment or project the authors conducted. Will usually not have a methods section. If there is a methods section the authors will discuss searching databases to find the articles that they based their review on.
Provide detailed information about a specific area of research. Find the latest information on a research topic. Provide a summary or overview of research on a topic. Find background or history on a research topic.

Selected Databases

Zotero (Reference Manager)

Reference managers are applications that help you manage references and generate citations and bibliographies. If you have never used one before, Zotero is a good choice. It has lots of features and good help information available.

More Help from Zotero:

Research Methods Videos

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