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History of Photography Research Essay - Reference sources

Peer-reviewed article sources

If you don't find what you're looking for from the four databases listed below, explore other databases using the Articles link the left-side menu of this webpage. 

Keyword searches for starters

The following list of keywords is numbered to correspond to the research assignment questions. To get started, and as a way of entering the academic conversation, copy and paste the appropriate search string into the sources listed above. In the Library search, make sure to check the box for peer-reviewed articles. In JSTOR, and Project Muse, click the box for "Articles."  You will most likely want to tinker with these keywords as you refine your topic.


1. "cartes de visite" AND 19th century

2. "documentary photography" AND modern*

3. "man ray" ; also try adding the terms: photograms, or rayographs

4. "commercial art" AND 19th Century ; or 20th Century instead. In JSTOR and other databases, try including the term: verisimilitude and advertising


1. muybridge ; also try: modern* AND photograph* AND (time OR speed)



Other sources of information and images

Citing in MLA

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