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Harry Frankfurt. "Descartes on the Creation of the External Truths." The Philosophical Review 86.1 (1977): 36-57.

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Edward Slowik. "Descartes and Individual Corporeal Substance." British Journal for the History of Philosophy 9.1 (2001): 1-15.

Alice Sowaal. "Cartesian Bodies." Canadian Journal of Philosophy 34.2 (2004): 217-240.

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Steven Nadler. "Occasionalism and General Will in Malebranche." Journal of the History of Philosophy 31.1 (1993): 31-47.

Yitzhak Melamed. "Spinoza's Metaphysics of Substances: the Substance-Mode Relation as a Relation of Inherence and Predication." Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 78.1 (2009): 17-82.

Catherine Wilson. "Leibnizian Optimism." The Journal of Philosophy 80.11 (1983): 765-783.

Daniel Garber. "Leibniz of Form and Matter." Early Science and Medicine 2.3 (1997): 326-352.


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