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Communication Studies

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This guide has been created to help students with their course assignments in BCSC 203. Be sure to check out the rest of the Communication Studies guide for help finding journal articles, websites, and more.

Evaluating a Research Method


Sources about research methods


Sources for examples of research using a particular method and for articles about a particular method.


Additional sources

  • P 91.3 at MacEwan Library, 2nd floor (books about research methods)
  • Library search: communication research method*
  • Library search: e.g. "feminist research" method*

Sources for Content Analysis


Film & Documentaries 

Music / Lyrics

Images / Advertising


Search Tips

To find books and articles about focus groups or surveys for example, try adding the following search phrases to your search:

  • qualitative research
  • quantitative research
  • social scIences research
  • data analysis
  • ethics
  • evaluation
  • research methodology

Try various combinations for the above phrases. Sample search:

focus groups AND qualitative research AND evaluation

Getting too many results? Limit your search to the title of books or articles, the assumption being that if your keywords appear in the title of a book or article the resource will be more on topic.  For example: 


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