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Papers 2 - Annotated Bibliography

An abstract is a descriptive summary of an article you read.

An annotattion is a descriptive AND critical summary of an article you read. Some of the following criteria can be used to think critically about what you read:

  • Does the author have a PhD or is an expert practitioner? How many years in the field?
  • What is the author's relationship to the subject they are writing about?
  • What is the author's affiliation with an institution or organization?
  • Is the author cited? Is the article cited?
  • Scholarly writing is subtle and assumptions are reasonable. The more the author departs from the views of others the more critically you should read and examine the ideas and argument presented.

Paper 3 - Literature Review

What is a literature review?

The purpose of a literature review is to provide for the reader an up to date overview of what is known about a particular topic. The term "literature" refers to the published works (articles and books) on a given topic.  A literature review typically includes:

  • a statement of the research topic,
  • a review of the research and theories published in articles and books about a particular topic,
  • identifies key themes and controversies in the literature,
  • identifies areas for further research.

A literature review is more than a descriptive summary of each of the articles or books that you find. A literature review is also a synthesis. To synthesize is to combine the ideas that you find in the literature to identify general trends, key arguments, controversies or issues.

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