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Sustainability Resources

When searching for sustainability sources, start with the main library search and Google scholar. Sustainability resources can be found across many of the library's specific databases, the main search searches across databases. Then try specific databases and journals pertinent to your topic using the database or journal keyword searches to find these. 

Tip: to see a list of all sustainability journals enter " sustainability " into the journal search. Then add your topic e.g. sustainability food

Follow the research process above

Search Tips for Library Search

 - try not to put more than 3 keywords in

 - use * truncation: sustain* will get you results containing both sustainable and sustainability keywords

- use "peer review" check box if you only want peer reviewed academic journal articles (this is considered high quality research)

- use the filters on left of library search to narrow down to academic journal article (if you need research) or book (if you need an overview) or whatever type of resource you seek

- use subject headings filter to narrow results to specific subjects within your initial broad search

Evaluating Sources

Is the author is qualified to speak to the topic on which they are writing? Meaning they have the lived experience, professional experience, or academic credentials and experience required to be an authority on the topic. 

Does the author cite their sources?

Has the writing had to go through any kind of fact checking, editing or quality check like is performed by the government, some corporations, magazines, academic journals and news publications before making writing public?

Is the writer or publication receiving funding from a source that could make them biased on the topic they are writing on? Do you note any bias present in the writing?




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