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Robbins Workshops


Robbins Workshops

Missed a workshop or want the resources from one you attended? Find videos and resources from each workshop in the left menu.

Winter 2019 Workshop Schedule

Workshop Date/Time Room
Ready-made Citations with Zotero! Tuesday, Jan. 15 from 3:15-3:50pm 8-211
Ready-made Citations with Zotero! Friday, Jan. 18 from 10:15-10:50am 8-218
Reading a Scholarly Article Tuesday, Jan. 22 from 3:15-3:50pm 8-211
Reading a Scholarly Article Friday, Jan. 25 from 10:15-10:50am 8-218
Finding Population & Health Statistics Tuesday, Jan. 29 from 3:15-3:50pm 8-211
Finding Population & Health Statistics Friday, Feb. 1 from 10:15-10:50am 8-218
Paraphrasing & Summarizing  Tuesday, Feb. 26 from 3:15-3:50pm 8-211
Paraphrasing & Summarizing  Friday, Mar. 1 from 10:15-10:50am 8-218
APA Tips & Tricks Tuesday, Mar. 5 from 3:15-3:50pm 8-211
APA Tips & Tricks Friday, Mar. 8 from 10:15-10:50am 8-218
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