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Artists and community Community relations
Artists as art museum curators  Generosity in art
Artists - political activity Museums - social aspects
Arts and society Social exchange
Collaboration      Social isolation
Community arts projects Social practice (Art)


Books you can borrow!

Great books available to read and borrow at the Mitchell Art Gallery.

Additional Readings


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Generosity and Giving in the Arts

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Art and Society

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Art and Social Action

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Social Projects

Maintenance Works - research-based public program seeking to slow down, recallibrate, and redefine what a gallery can do and how people can work together.

Moratorium Office - a collective project of de-colonial self-determination by Sami artists Jenni Laiti, Outi Pieski, Niillas Holmberg that incorporates place-making, video, text, historical research, conversation/performance.

Transforma - a collective that supported celebrated cultural practice that impacted the social and physical environment in New Orleans from 2005-2010.


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