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Getting Started

Welcome to the Sociology Subject Guide!

Here you will find a selection of the Sociology research resources available at the library. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your subject librarian, Robyn Hall.

Research Process


Pick out the main ideas from your topic and generate some keywords.


Try your keywords in the databases on the Articles page, or search the main library search to find books, ebooks, videos and more.

Database Search Tips:
  • "Quotes" for phrases/titles:
    • "social media" "Presentation of Self in Everyday Life"
  • Asterisk (*) for truncation:
    • feminis* = feminist feminis
  • AND for different concepts:
    • racism AND Indigenous AND Canada
  • OR for similar concepts/synonyms:
    • teenager OR adolescent OR youth

Example: Canad* AND "racial bias" AND (universit* OR college)



Look at what you find and determine if it’s a quality source. Does it work for your assignment, or do you need to go back and find more?

For more information visit our Research Help pages.

This work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International license. For exceptions, see the Library Copyright Statement.