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Physics and Astronomy

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ASTR 120 Wiki

Access the Fall 2015 wiki here:



Encyclopedias & Dictionaries -- Online - Start here

Finding Articles - Try these databases first

Finding Images and Videos

Try the following websites to find images and videos



  • NASA Images - an archive of images from NASA. Also has some videos.
  • NOAO Images - images from the National Optical Astronomy Observatory.

Evaluating Web Resources

If you take material from the web such as articles or videos remeber to think critically about the quality of the material.

Use the infomation here under How Do I Evaluate... Web Information to make informed choices in what you include in your assignment.

Some things to consider when evaluating material from the web:

  • Who is the author or who sponsored the website?
  • What are the motives and biases of the author?
  • How old is the information, when was the website created or last updated?
  • How relevent is the information to your topic?
  • How objective is the information, are they trying to sell a product?
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