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Indigenous Studies



Searching for DVDs in the library collection? Please return to the Books tab and after you enter in your search term, limit your search findings to Videos under the heading Source Types. The section below highlights ony a few select videos which are available on the Web and through streaming via the MacEwan Library. 


Round Up directed by Narcisse Blood, 2010, 18 min.

This short film traces Pete Standing Alone's personal journey from cultural alienation to pride and belonging. As a spiritual elder, teacher and community leader of the Blood Indians of Southern Alberta, Pete works with youth to repair the cultural and spiritual destruction wrought by residential schools. At age 81, he has come full-circle in his dedication to preserving the traditional ways of his people. [excerpt from NFB website]

God's Lake Narrows created by Alicia Smith & Kevin Lee Burton

This is an innovative, interactive film available on the National Film Board website featuring God's Lake Narrows, a community located in northeastern Manitoba.

God's Lake Narrows doesn't get a lot of outside visitors. But neither does the reserve closest to you. Come on in, but check your assumptions at the door. [excerpt from NFB website]

The Ballad of Crowfoot directed, script and music by Willie Dunn, 1968, 10 min.

This short film examines the situation of Aboriginal people in North America through the figure of Crowfoot, the legendary 19th-century Blackfoot leader of the Plains. A rapid montage of archival photos, etchings and contemporary newspaper clippings is married to the words and music of an impassioned ballad written by Micmac singer and songwriter Willie Dunn. [excerpt from NFB website]


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