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MacEwan University Copyright Office


Email and Cloud Platforms

Emailing a link to a work avoids copyright issues. Emailing or cloud sharing an actual copy of an article to multiple recipients is the same as copying or distributing the content. Fair dealing would usually apply in most cases - however, the broader the distribution, or the larger the excerpt, the less fair it would be. Sharing a copy of an article with a limited group, such as colleagues in a research group or select students would likely qualify as fair dealing. Consult the Research and Scholarship section for a fuller description of how works may be shared.

For class distributions, post copies to Blackboard or eReserves following the MacEwan University Fair Dealing Guidelines. This ensures that safeguards protecting copyright owners rights are observed.

Websites that provide tools for copying, sharing or emailing links or content are granting an implied licence to use and share content this way.

This work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International license. For exceptions, see the Library Copyright Statement.