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When should I consider a coursepack?

A coursepack can provide a good option for providing readings to your students in a convenient package. The per-page copying cost can be lower in a coursepack than if students print readings themselves at public copiers or even on home printers. Coursepacks can be created by departments or by the MacEwan Bookstore. Choosing to provide a coursepack through the Bookstore means that all printing and any royalty costs are included in the price of the coursepack. 

The choice of a coursepack should be considered against the advantages of providing readings through Blackboard and eReserves. Due to copyright changes in 2012, many more options are available to post materials on Blackboard. Review the BlackBoard and eReserves section for more information on what may be posted to Blackboard without permission. It may also be feasible and cost effective to get permission to post content to Blackboard. Submit a request the MacEwan Copyright Office. Providing copies through Blackboard saves the need for photocopies and the costs associated with them. 


MacEwan Coursepacks Through the Bookstore

MacEwan Coursepacks provide quality course materials, sold alongside textbooks in the MacEwan Bookstore. The Bookstore will arrange for the scanning and compiling of materials from books and other sources and add a table of contents and bibliography when needed. Royalty fees for copyrighted material and printing costs are included in the price of the coursepack. Readings submitted to the Bookstore will have all necessary permissions arranged for by the MacEwan Copyright Office. Submit your request directly to the Bookstore.

Contact Janelle Montgomery ( or 780.497.4016) if you are interested in creating a coursepack or lab manual.  


Permission Requests

The MacEwan Copyright Office will get any necessary permissions for the use of copyrighted content in department and Bookstore coursepacks. Requests for coursepacks sold through the MacEwan Bookstores should be submitted to the Bookstore directly. 

Depending on the copyright owner, permissions can take as little as a day or several weeks. It is recommended that permission requests be submitted to the Copyright Office as early as possible to ensure permissions are in place before the start of class. Submit a request at any time, however, as it is sometimes possible to get permission on short notice. See the Permissions page for more information.


Book Reprints

Depending on the publisher, it may be possible to create a reprint of all or part of an out-of-print book. Royalties for doing so can be reasonable. Contact the Copyright Office to start a permission request.

This work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International license. For exceptions, see the Library Copyright Statement.