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MacEwan University Copyright Office


Copyright for Instruction

This section covers the use of copyrighted works by university faculty and staff for education and course distribution. Use the links at left to navigate to specific subject areas.

All faculty and staff are responsible for using works in a way that remains compliant with copyright law. The Copyright Act provides a number of provisions that may allow the use of works without the need for permission or payment of a royalty. Educational use of works may be covered by fair dealing or a specific exceptions for educational use. Use the Copyright Checklist to help determine if permission is required. 


Fair Dealing

Fair dealing is a general Copyright Act provision available to all users of copyright works, but has particular application in education. It allows the use of copyrighted works without permission as long as the use is determined to be fair. The Canadian Supreme Court has through a number of rulings provided guidance to help with this determination. 

For course distributions of supplementary works, faculty and staff must follow the MacEwan University Fair Dealing Guidelines ["Guidelines"]. There will be instances when uses that exceed the Guidelines may still qualify as fair dealing or could be covered by an exception. Faculty and staff should consult with the MacEwan Copyright Specialist for approvals of such uses. Fair Dealing assessments are provided and suggestions offered for alternative options if fair dealing does not apply. 


Copyright Exceptions

The Copyright Act provides a number of exceptions that apply in the educational context. They address the use of specific types of works, such as audio and video. They can also apply to how works are used in the classroom, online. 

The Copyright for Instruction section approaches these from the point of view of the type of work that you want to use or the mode of distribution. You can review the exceptions and the conditions that apply when you use them in the Copyright Exceptions section. 

This work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International license. For exceptions, see the Library Copyright Statement.