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MacEwan University Copyright Office


Lectures and Presentations in the Classroom

Fair Dealing

Fair dealing covers the display of excerpts from a copyrighted work, or in some cases a whole work, in the classroom for an educational purpose, including in digital format (using programs such as PowerPoint) without infringing copyright. See the MacEwan University Fair Dealing Guidelines for guidance on appropriate amounts from a single work. There may be cases where amounts that exceed the Guidelines are appropriate. Check with the MacEwan Copyright Office for more information. 


Classroom Exception

As further support, the Copyright Act provides an exception allowing the making copies of copyrighted works in order to display them for educational or training purposes on the university premises. However, if the content is available commercially in a format that is made for the purpose of in-class display, then this must be purchased or alternate content used. Keep in mind that if a use qualifies under fair dealing, then no reference need be made to this exception.


Posting Class Lecture

Subject to the amounts in the MacEwan University Fair Dealing Guidelines, a presentation made for class display, such as a PowerPoint, that includes excerpts from copyrighted works may be posted to the class Blackboard page or eReserves for student reviewWhen possible, the sources of copyright material should be cited.

Performances on the University Premises

Copyright Act exception covers the live performance in public of a copyrighted work, such as a play, for the purposes of education or training on the university premises where the audience consists primarily of students and staff of the University and the performers are primarily students. This would be for live performances of works as well as for sound recordings or a performance that includes sound recordings.

The exception also covers performance of all or part of a video work in class, as long as the copy is a non-infringing copy. Public performance rights are no longer required for educational performance of video.

Performances for a non-educational purpose or performances where an entrance fee is charged would not qualify for this exception. 

For more information about the exceptions, see the Exceptions page.

Student Presentations

Students can include copyrighted works in assignments and class presentations under fair dealing. PowerPoint and multimedia presentations can also use the Non-commercial user generated content provision to allow them to post their assignments to publicly accessible sites such as YouTube and Facebook. More information on this provision is available on the Exceptions page

This work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International license. For exceptions, see the Library Copyright Statement.